What are the benefits of membership of the Indian Academy of Neurology (IAN)?

1. A platform to facilitate exchange of information and enhance networking activities among neurologists.

2. Reduced-rate of registration at IANCON, the Annual Conference of IAN, its subsection meetings and summer postgraduate and epilepsy schools.

3. Free online and print access to Annals of IAN, the official journal of IAN.

4. Travel grants and stipends for attending national and international neurology meetings, conferences, workshop and seminars.

5. Facility to exchange ideas, knowledge and expertise via the IAN website and other social media.

6. Contact details of neurologists across the country (members) through a directory of members.

7. Up-to-date business and professional news and information through the IAN newsletter.

8. Information regarding oncoming international neurology conferences, seminars and symposia through the IAN website and newsletter.

9. Subsidized membership of the World Federation of Neurology and the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology.

10. Facility to apply for Overseas visiting observership programs (e.g., AINA-IAN Observership Program)

Membership forms can be accessed online at www.ianindia.org or else you may write to the Secretary, IAN at iansecretary@gmail.com Click here to go to the membership requirement pdf.