Broad Objectives & Mission

The Stroke Subsection is dedicated to create enabling conditions  for all members of the Academy so as to continuously improve the care of stroke patients all over the country and support the carers of stroke patients with education and information. The Subsection works in collaboration with the Indian Stroke Association to mobilize public information and governmental actions to prevent and manage stroke in the community.


Members of the Stroke Subsection are engage in working with Indian Stroke Association to develop and periodically update the National Guidelines for Management of Stroke.


Stroke Subsection provides a platform to members of the Academy to share their works, experience, ideas and suggestions in the field of stroke, thereby enhancing their contribution towards prevention and treatment of stroke.


Any life member or the life associate member of IAN.

How to join?

  1. Login to your account, through the Login option at the top right corner
  2. Your Member account will open. In the Member tab, select the 2nd tab – Add Subsections
  3. Select the subsections of which membership is required and click on Pay Now
  4. Payment portal will open with option to pay using credit card / debit card / NEFT
  5. Onetime subscription fee is Rs 1,000 + GST = Rs 1,180 per subsection

Click here to view the Mid Term 2020 IAN Stroke subsection Report

Click here to view the Minutes of - stroke subsection 2019 signed

Click here to view the 2019_Ministry of Health, DGHS, Government of India, Guidelines for Prevention and Managment of Stroke

Click here to view the Report of the IAN stroke subsection 2017-18

Click here to view the Report of the IAN stroke subsection 2020-21

Members List

Click here to view the Members List of the Stroke Subsection.


Dr S P Gorthi

Convenor, Stroke Subsection Indian Academy of Neurology

Email Id:

Dr. Sunil K. Narayan

Chairman, Stroke Subsection, Indian Academy of Neurology

Email Id:

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