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Dear IAN Members,

The Executive Committee of the Indian Academy of Neurology invites proposals from the members for sessions, symposia, guest lectures and CME themes for the 28th Annual Conference of the Indian Academy of Neurology to be held from November 05-08, 2020 at Bengaluru. The proposal forms can be accessed online by link given below and can be submitted before the deadline i.e, Monday, February 15, 2021.

Please note:

  1. The topics should be novel and cutting-edge, while at the same time of general interest to all neurologists.

  2. Topics covered in the previous IANCON may ideally be avoided.

  3. The choice of speakers should be highly judicious, ideally a mix across different regions of the country, of experience as well as younger neurologists and with appropriate gender representation. At the same time, the overriding criteria for proposing speakers should be their demonstrated expertise in the given field.

  4. It will not be possible to accommodate speakers from the same department in a given session.

  5. Speakers who have not been provided a platform in the earlier meetings should be certainly considered.

  6. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change or modify the proposed sessions. In doing so, ensuring that speaker does not get to speak on multiple occasions during the Conference is a guiding principle.


Best Wishes,


JMK Murthy
President, IAN

 U Meenakshisundaram
Secretary, IAN

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