Nominations to FIAN



The Indian Academy of Neurology is inviting nominations for Fellowship from eligible members of the academy for the year 2023. The bye laws of the FIAN are published in the constitution and the summary of relevant portions are reproduced below.

IAN Constitution (Excerpts from Pages 258 - 259)

8. Admission to Fellowship (FIAN): Eligibility

8.1 Those neurologists who are Life Members of the Academy for more than 10 years would be eligible for election to the Fellowship of the Academy.
8.2 The application for Fellowship will be in the form of nomination proposed and seconded by Fellows of the Academy and the Nomination Committee shall screen it and give recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Nomination Committee shall consist of the President and two immediate Past Presidents.
8.3 Not more than 8 Fellows will be elected in a year. The maximum strength of the Fellows shall not increase at any time to more than 10% of the total Life Members of the Academy.
8.4 Nominations sent once will be eligible for consideration by the Nomination Committee for three consecutive years. (Bye Law)
8.5 Nominations will be judged on the basis of data provided in the evaluation form mainly in respect of service, research and achievements. (Bye Law)
8.5.1 Qualifications and experience: All nominees should have DM/DNB/equivalent foreign qualification of atleast 13 years duration. Experience should be a minimum of 13 years after the qualifying degree. (Bye Law)

The following points will be taken into consideration for evaluation for grant of FIAN

1. Experience in medical profession (after postdoctoral degree in neurology or equivalent course Number of years of experience after the degree)
2. Qualifications
3. Publications
4. Honors and awards
5. Research conducted, at least of 3 months duration, from Govt. owned funding agencies.
6. Contributions to IAN
7. Extracurricular activities for the benefit of masses and public awareness like organisation of voluntary camps, talks on radio, television or article in the newspaper.
8. Fellow of other national medical organisations.

The last date to submit the application is 15th January, 2023.


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