Approach to a patient with neuro-ophthalmologic disorder is a simple one and needs clarity of basic knowledge of neurology and ophthalmology. Neuro-ophthalmological diagnoses are often made by simple clinical tools, detailed history taking and thorough examination. From examination of pupils to the examination of fundus, a systematic approach often helps avoiding embarrassing situations. The subsection of neuro-ophthalmology aims to bring together neurologists and ophthalmologists with interest in diseases falling at the brink of these two allied specialties. Many neuroophthalmological abnormalities pave way for early and prompt diagnosis of common neurological diagnosis. Recognition of abnormalities of fundus and visual fields form the basis of many neurological diseases.


1. Disseminating knowledge regionally, nationally and internationally. Sensitization and exposure to common Neuroophthalmological abnormalities.

2. Formation of common treatment protocols and practice guidelines on neuroophthalmological abnormalities. Our subsection is aimed to provide a common platform to the interested Neurologists and ophthalmologists in order to generate widely accepted protocols.

3. Formation of local registries of patients in order to obtain epidemiological data on neuroophthalmological diseases.

4. Formulate a common platform to showcase, disseminate and discuss the work done in the field.


Any life member or life associate member of IAN


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Opportunity to show case your work

Participation in dedicated neuro-ophthalmology meetings

Generate a common platform to discuss difficult to deal clinical scenarios

Ongoing Conferences/ CMES:


Every Saturday, Sunday ( Starting 08.08.2020; 1700-1900 hrs)

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Dr. Aastha Takkar

Convenor, Neuro Ophthalmology Subsection Indian Academy of Neurology

Email Id:

Prof. Vivek Lal

Chairman, Neuro Ophthalmology Subsection, Indian Academy of Neurology

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