Advocacy means an act of pleading or lobbying or being activist for some cause or purpose.


The long term mission is to familiarize all members of academy with the concepts, themes and good practices of advocacy for neurology so as to improve the status of neurology education and services all over the country.

Important activities

Members of advocacy subsection are engaged in many periodic and non periodic activities. Workshops are held to train the members in skills of advocacy. Lobbying is being done to increase the residency seats for DM/DNB neurology. Neurology education at grass root level is enhanced by National Neurology Quiz for MBBS and MD Medicine students. Neurology education courses are conducted for primary care physicians from remote areas. Attempts have been made for better certification of neurological disabilities. Public health education and patient education is streamlined, enhanced and made more comprehensive, authentic, detailed, varied and widely disseminated. Neurology services are extended to far corner of the country through health camps and life-line train. Public awareness day for Stroke, Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis is organized regularly every year.


Any life member or life associate member of IAN


  1. Login to your account, through the Login option at the top right corner
  2. Your Member account will open. In the Member tab, select the 2nd tab – Add Subsections
  3. Select the subsections of which membership is required and click on Pay Now
  4. Payment portal will open with option to pay using credit card / debit card / NEFT
  5. Onetime subscription fee is Rs 1,000 + GST = Rs 1,180 per subsection


Advocacy subsection provides a forum or platform for members of the academy to share their works, experiences, ideas and suggestions in the field of advocacy for neurology, there by enhancing their motivation and sharpening their skills.

Members List

Click here to view the Members List of the Advocacy Subsection.

If you are interested to become a member of this subsection please pay Rs. 1000 as membership fee. You may pay by using yours debit/credit card. Please click here to proceed.


Dr. Justin

Convenor, ADVOCACY Subsection Indian Academy of Neurology

Email Id:

Dr. Paranjothi Shanmugam

Chairman, ADVOCACY Subsection, Indian Academy of Neurology

Email Id:

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